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Calgary Flames

The Tinderbox, Ep. 60: Calgary So Far & Reader Questions

It’s only two games in, but the Flames have provided us with plenty of content.



The Tinderbox

It’s time for another episode of Matchsticks & Gasoline’s The Tinderbox! Even though the Flames only have two games under their belt there’s still plenty to talk about! So dive on in and see what’s on our minds as the Flames begin their 2021-22 NHL season. As always you can download our podcasts on Spotify, Google Podcast and iTunes.

Episode 60: Hosted by Mark, Michael, Maddie and Gordie

-Weather report

-The Flames first two games

-Looking at the forwards

-Upcoming schedule


-The defence

-Jacob Markstrom

-Reader questions

-Chinstrap Gate

by Mark Parkinson