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Chris Snow Continues To Defy The Odds

After being told he wouldn’t live more than a year, Chris Snow was back in Massachusetts today, a day after turning 40.



On Wednesday, August 11th, Calgary Flames Assistant GM Chris Snow turned 40 years old. Forty is a milestone birthday in many people’s lives, as it marks a transition into another phase of life and growing older. For Chris Snow, 40 was special for many reasons, mainly because he is alive to celebrate it.

Two years ago Chris was diagnosed with ALS, commonly know as Lou Gehrig’s Disease and was given less than a year to live (his father, cousin and two uncles died of the disease as well). The average person can live 3-5 years with ALS, some as long as 10 years, but it is certainly not a pleasant experience. Having known someone who died of ALS, the body breaks down as the disease weakens the patients muscles, while they maintain their cognitive abilities. It’s horrifying and so sad to watch. The fact the Chris Snow is still active, walking, skating with his kids and absolutely CRUSHING his battle with ALS is inspiring and heartwarming to see. Which made turning 40 (Happy Birthday Chris!!!) amazing, but his first day after turning 40 even more special.

While Chris has his heart in Calgary with the Flames, he’s a Massachusetts kid at heart. He grew up in Melrose Massachusetts, a stones throw from Boston and was even a Red Sox beat reporter for the Boston Globe before making his way to the Saddledome. So for a guy who just turned 40 and who wasn’t even supposed to be here, Thursday, August 12th was a VERY special day indeed for the Flames Assistant GM. Chris was invited by the Boston Red Sox to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Red Sox/Rays game Thursday afternoon. The entire Snow Family was on hand to witness the event, with Chris tossing the pitch with his left hand as he doesn’t have the ability to use his right arm anymore.

The Snow Family is an inspiration within the ALS community and has raised over $500,000 towards ALS research and if you’re familiar with the hashtag #SnowyStrong you know he’s active and participates in any and all challenges to help raise awareness to this devastating disease.

If you want more info on Chris or his journey, follow him on twitter @ChrisSnowCGY or follow his wife Kelsie (she’s an inspiration herself!) @kelsieswrites

Chris and his family are working so hard to continue his journey and we hope to cover many more of these stories over the coming years as he battles hard against an illness he’s determined to defeat. WAY TO GO CHRIS!!!!

For more information on ALS and how to get involved, please visit:


Snowy Strong

by Mark Parkinson