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2021 M&G Top 25 Under 25: Introduction & Voting

We need your votes as we move into our annual summer series!



With free agency having concluded just over a week ago, we’ve now moved into what is typically the doldrums of the offseason. Due to the Covid adjusted hockey calendar, it will actually be a very short time before we are back to covering hockey games again, with the preseason opener just 51 days away.

Despite the Flames still being rumored to be a player in potential franchise changing deals (Eichel?), we have decided to press ahead and start putting together the rankings for our annual Top 25 Under 25 summer series. We typically start this series in late July, so we’re also pressed to catch up on it before the season begins. Of course with our luck, the Flames will make a big trade involving a handful of names on this T25U25 list in a few weeks to render it moot. Oh well.

We will be asking for your help in putting together the rankings again, and the link is posted at the bottom of this article.

As with every other year of this series, we will be using the player’s age as of August 1 2021. As things currently stand, there are 44 eligible players for this list, an increase from 40 in 2020.

Finally, you can CLICK HERE to view all of last year’s rankings and individual profiles.

A complete list of the 2021 eligible players can be viewed here:

Here is a list of the players that have left the list for this season:

Finally, you can click the link below to access this year’s voting. It is done on a 1 through 10 scale, with 10 being the players who you think are the best of the best, and 1 being lowest.


by Michael MacGillivray