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2021 Flames Report Card: Rasmus Andersson

I think we were all expecting a little more from Rasmus Andersson last season.



Rasmus Andersson, Defence

56 GP, 5 G, 16 A, 21 Pts, 34 PIM, -9

50.06 CF%, -4.69 CFRel%, 47.04 xGF%, -10.69 xGFRel%

Individual Grades

MGMacGillivray: C I think it is safe to say that Andersson just didn’t make the leap forward we were expecting this season. I still think he has a really good potential with the team, and that this season for him like many others was a bump in the road. He will need to find ways to be better at even strength this season as both of his regular partners in Noah Hanifin and Mark Giordano had better numbers away from him. I still think he possesses the skillset to be a strong offensive defencemen, but the Flames will need more out of him this season if they want to get back into the playoffs.

MarkParkinson14: C- “C” seems about right for Andersson’s season in 2021. He wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t what most of us expected him to be. I’d like to think he’s the next leader of the Flames defence when they inevitably move on from Mark Giordano, but he certainly has some room to grow. In 14 less games than 2020, Rasmus Andersson was only one point off his previous season’s point total of 22 (he had 21) and had 6 points as a member of the Flames PP unit. On the flip side he finished as a -9 (career worst), took only 96 shots and blocked a mere 68 shots. Time is on his side and the Flames have a solid, young defensive group that should start to gel with a full season. I’m not totally down on Andersson, but I’d like to see him take a bigger step forward in 2021-22.

RenuSahota: C

MadelineCampbell: B In some ways it felt like a weird season for Andersson, but I’m still coming away from it feeling generally pretty fine. The scoring numbers were decent, the underlying numbers weren’t stellar, but also weren’t an absolute trainwreck either. I think I may be being a bit generous with this grade, but Andersson gets a little extra wiggle room from me because the flashes we saw were encouraging, and my optimism about his upside hasn’t changed. He still has some growing to do, this weird season wasn’t really a big help there, but I think he’s in a good spot to take a step forward next season.

MilhouseFirehouse: D

Gordie.Taylor: D

Readers: B-

Final Grade: C

by Michael MacGillivray