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2021 Flames Report Card: Johnny Gaudreau

Gaudreau was fairly effective all year and really turned it on late



Johnny Gaudreau, Left Wing

56 GP, 19 G, 30 A, 49 Pts, 6 PIM, +2

51.71 CF%, -1.88 CFRel%, 54.07 xGF%, 0.38 xGFRel%

2019-20 Report Card: B

2018-19 Report Card: A

Individual Grades

MGMacGillivray: A – Although perhaps maybe not the Flames most effective player at both ends of the ice, Johnny Gaudreau continues to be the Flames most skilled player. Despite what seems to be constant vitriol from sections of the fan base and a certain media member, he continued to be a consistent driver of the Flames offence, despite spending frankly way too much time with anchors like Brett Ritchie or dragging along an injured Sean Monahan.

When he was split away from those two and moved with Elias Lindholm and Matthew Tkachuk, we really saw just how good he could be with two skilled linemates. One thing I also saw this year that we didn’t really see last year was that Gaudreau was far more willing to unload shots and scored a number of goals off of wicked wrist shots. While his overall shot totals fell to averaging just two per game, he seemed to be choosing a lot more options to take good shots and was doing less of his low percentage corner shots for example. I don’t want to get into the “Trade him or not” discussion, but they should not. A good year for #13 in tough circumstances.

MarkParkinson14: A – Sure he started slow, but you can’t discount how STRONG a finish Johnny Gaudreau had for the Flames. In the midst of a sea of negativity and questions about his future with the franchise, Gaudreau was the most dangerous player for Calgary this season. He led the Flames in goals (19), assists (30), power play goals (7) and power play assists with 12. But, hey, this guy NEEDS to be traded amirite? <eye roll> The Flames should be doing everything in their power to get him signed to an extension and never allow him to leave. And it’s amazing what happens when you put Johnny Gaudreau on a line with Matthew Tkachuk and Elias Lindholm….good things.

MadelineCampbell: B – Looking back on this, I kind of feel like I was a smidge too harsh on this grade, but I did feel like I had to ding Gaudreau a bit for that slow start. But overall it was another really strong season from him, and that’s really not much of a surprise, to be honest. This season was messy and weird and disappointing in a lot of ways, but for the most part, Gaudreau was one of the few pretty consistent bright spots, and certainly that has to count for something. We’re probably going to be talking about this “do you sign him, do you trade him?” debate ad nauseam for the next year, but it feels really hard to look at what he was still able to do in that weird messy season and feel good about letting him go easily.

RenuSahota: A

MilhouseFirehouse: B

Gordie.Taylor: B

Readers: B+

Final Grade: A-

by Michael MacGillivray