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2021 Flames Report Card: Milan Lucic

Lucic was a leader on the team this year



Milan Lucic, Left Wing

2020-21 Stats: 56 GP, 10 G, 13 A, 23 Pts, 46 PIM, -8

51.78 CF%, -1.68 CFRel%, 53.50 xGF%, -0.03 xGFRel%

2019-20 Grade: C+

Individual Grades

MGMacGillivray: B – I put my grade at Lucic for a B because I think he really used this season to come into his own on the team and played a bigger role than we expected. Obviously if you are going to hold his performance versus his contract, you will never be thrilled, but I was very happy as he surpassed by expectations this season. He finished on a 15 goal and 34 point pace over 82 games which is solid based on the past two seasons of just 20 points. Not only was his on ice play solid, but I have a ton of respect for his off ice comments and actions throughout the year as well. He’s an extremely smart player and I have so much time for Looch.

MarkParkinson14: C I don’t look at a “C” as a bad grade for Looch at all. He did what he was supposed to do this season and maybe even a little more. He was a leader on the ice and his 10 goals were the most he’s had in four seasons. A middle of the road grade is exactly what you should expect from an aging player on the back end of his career. I have no issues with his play at all in 2021.

MadelineCampbell: C – Lucic for me was just solidly fine this season. Straight down the middle. The scoring pace and underlying numbers were fine, and the eye test grades out to be pretty much the same. I really don’t have any major complaints, we know what Lucic is at this point, and while we’re not really expecting him to be a dominant force at this point in his career, he’s steady and pretty consistent, and that’s hardly the worst thing to be.

RenuSahota: C

MilhouseFirehouse: B

Gordie.Taylor: B

Readers: B+

Final Grade: B-

by Michael MacGillivray