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Calgary Flames

Sean Monahan Shelved For The Remainder Of The Season

Another season ends early for Monahan due to injury.



The sun rising. The sun setting. Water being wet. Sean Monahan playing hurt and needing off season surgery. The Flames announced today that they were shutting down Monahan for the remainder of the season (all 4 games that are left) as he needs to have surgery to fix a hip injury.

During his daily press conference Flames head coach Darryl Sutter explained that Monahan had been playing with the injury for close to 20 games and that would seem to check out. If you go back to his game #30 of the season up until the Flames last game on March 20th, Monahan has only eight points in those 20 games, with three coming in a win against Montreal on April 23.

This is becoming a concerning trend with both Monahan and the Flames themselves. For the Flames centre is a constant pattern of playing through nagging or performance altering injuries for the last three to four seasons (sports hernia, wrist injury). For the franchise it is slightly concerning that they keep/kept running an injured player out on the ice for multiple seasons. Whether it’s a player being coy about an injury or team trying to win at all costs, putting any player on the ice who’s battling something that’s more than being “banged up” isn’t good for anyone involved.

by Mark Parkinson