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Calgary Flames

Elias Pettersson Fined For Hit On Sean Monahan

The NHL lightened the Canuck’s star’s wallet today.



The Vancouver Canucks are getting frustrated with losing. The Vancouver Canucks are tired of taking losses at the hands of their former players. Elias Pettersson showed that frustration last night and is now paying for it….literally. At the 18:14 mark of the second period Pettersson slashed Sean Monahan in the chest out of frustration during a battle for the puck. Pettersson was sent to the bin for high sticking, but the replay clearly showed he gave Monahan a very solid slash to the chest. This would be his second penalty of the period, adding up to the Canuck’s 4th of the period.

Today the NHL came down on the Vancouver centre, fining him the maximum penalty for the infraction, $3,987.07.

Things have been chippy in the Scotiabank North Division with the Canucks taking 13 penalties in their first two games against the Flames. And if this trend keeps up, the penalty box and fine jar at the NHL offices will be full sooner than later.

by Mark Parkinson