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Flames Best #46 Of All Time: There Really Isn’t One

46 isn’t a number that’s had a body with much longevity occupying it.



We’ve gotten to the point in this series where we are deep into the numbers in Flames history and there isn’t really much to write home about. Most franchises have a few players in the high numbers that are identifiable with the team. Wayne Gretzky and Edmonton. Ray Bourque and Boston. Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr and Pittsburgh. But as you go through the numbers 47-93 in Calgary, there really isn’t any stand out player that was really the “best” to wear that number. There a few exceptions that I will pull from the remaining list and highlight as we’ve done with #1-45, but for most of them, I’m listing them off with their career stats with Calgary so you can see what I’m talking about. So, without further interruption, here’s what’s left when it comes to Flames players wearing the number 46.


Ladislav Kohn (1996): 5 GP (1G – 0A), Martin St. Louis (1999): 13 GP (1G – 1A), Jason Morgan (2004): 13 GP (0G – 2A), Mark Giordano (2006): 7 GP (0 G – 1A), Carter Bancks (2013): 2 GP (no points), Bill Arnold (2014): 1 GP (no points), Marek Hrivik (2018): 3 GP (no points)

I don’t count Mark Giordano here because he’s not synonymous with the #46. Sure, he wore it for a grand total of five games, but he won’t be remembered as #46. He will forever be #5 and he switched out after only seven games with that number, so it’s a minor footnote in his career. Same with Martin St. Louis as ALL of his NHL success came after leaving the Flames. His season wearing #46 was nothing to write home about and he, just like Giordano, switched to a different number for the very next season.

As you look at that list you can clearly see that most of these players were short term callups or young players that transitioned to a different number for the next season or moved on to a different team. As we move through the rest of the numbers there are a few that have players to single out, but most of these will end up like this, a sad list of players that had a quick cup of coffee with the Flames and moved on.

by Mark Parkinson