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We Rate The New Adidas Retro Remix Jerseys

We give you our top five favorites and our least favorite jersey designs from the Retro Remix reveals!



It took a few days, but we all wanted to soak in the beauty…….and horror that is the Adidas and NHL’s reveal of the Retro Remix designs for next season. Now, there’s been a bunch of “rankings” of these sets, so we aren’t going to go into every single one. Instead we’re breaking new ground and doing a Top 5/Bottom 5 list of our favorites and least favorites. We should probably copyright this as something like this has most likely never been done. So, less chat, more rankings. Here’s what the M&G staff have as their five favs and five least favs because we know you couldn’t carry on without this information.


Best 5

Worst 5


Best 5

Worst 5


Best 5

Worst 5


Best 5

Worst 5


Best 5

Worst 5


Best 5

1. Calgary Flames

Hometown bias. I don’t care. It’s gorgeous.

2. Arizona Coyotes

If you’re going to make a third jersey, go a little bit crazy. I’m a sucker for a purple jersey and this one is definitely going in my collection.

3. LA Kings

Every single part of this jersey is beautiful. The logo and colour scheme are just tremendous.

4. Tampa Bay Lightning

I’ve always liked this Lightning logo more than their other ones and the striping just works for me.

5. Anaheim Ducks

Come on, it’s a classic. You can be all conservative for your regular home and away jerseys but your third needs to be different. Anyone who doesn’t like this obviously doesn’t like fun. Alternate jerseys that are a little wild sell, conservative ones don’t.

Worst 5

1. Dallas Stars

Dallas always seems to have the best team name, logo, concept to put onto jerseys yet they haven’t executed well whatsoever this offseason. Between the neon green atrocity and now this “make everything white” look, it’s just not good.

2. Minnesota Wild

I don’t get it. This seems like something a Minneapolis Subway franchise would wear when they’re doing a gameday ticket promotion. I love the original North Stars concept, but if you’re doing it, don’t half-a$$ it.

3. NY Islanders

They clearly just forgot to submit a concept. Like they had so many better options including The Fisherman which I think everybody wanted. Again, if you go a little crazy with your alternates, you’ll sell a ton, especially to people who might not be fans of your team. These days it’s all about revenue and I doubt the Isles sell many of these.

4. Nashville Predators

Nashville may rival Dallas’ creativity department in jersey design. After their horrendous winter classic jerseys with Nashville Predators in semi-cursive writing, they plopped out this design which is just similar enough to their home jersey that it won’t sell, but different enough to be declared ugly.

5. Detroit Red Wings

I will admit that the Red Wings look is one that you can’t screw with and obviously there isn’t a lot of room for creative space with it. I just wish they had done something more creative than just adding a few silver stripes to a white jersey with logo. I would’ve strongly preferred a red jerseys as well, these are eminently forgettable and don’t serve their fans well enough.

Now that we’ve given you our picks, let’s see what you think! Vote in our poll below or use the comments section and show us who did well and who did not with their jersey designs!!!

by Mark Parkinson