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Calgary Flames


The Calgary Flames and Adidas did the right thing and brought back Blasty as their Retro Remix jersey!



Product on the ice not withstanding, the Flames have done right by their fans lately. First it was the switch to Retro Red. Then it was Retro White for the Heritage Classic. Then it was sprinkling in the Retro White during the season. Then it was making the Retro’s the full time home and away. NOW, the Flames did the best thing they’ve done uniform wise since initially bringing them out…..THEY BROUGHT BACK BLASTY! Yes, that beautiful black jersey with the fire breathing horse from the dark times of NHL third jerseys, the late 90’s. The Flames and the rest of the NHL released their Retro Remix looks today and Calgary brought back that beautiful, fire breathing horsehead!

Blasty has always been a love him or hate him sweater, but if you’ve read anything I’ve ever written here, then you know I LOVE Blasty and I think this is a fantastic move by the Flames, the NHL and Adidas. Michael will have more on this, as well as The Tinderbox Podcast, but here he is, in all his glory. Blasty is back!!!!!

by Mark Parkinson