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Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames – Winnipeg Jets Playoff Preview

It’s playoff time and we’re breaking down the Flames and Jets!



Playoff Preview: Calgary Flames – Winnipeg Jets

The Flames and Jets will kick off their best of five playoff series on Saturday August 1 at Rogers Place in Edmonton. These two teams only met one time in the 2019-20 season, that being the 2019 Tim Horton’s Heritage Classic. Winnipeg defeated the Flames 2-1 in OT on a cold and snowy night back on October 26th. The NHL shut down the 2019-20 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic before the Flames and Jets could play their final two games of the season against each other. Here’s a look at the two teams as they head into their first round match-up!

Playoff Series Schedule (all game in Edmonton @ Rogers Place)

Game 1: 8/1, 8:30 PM MT

Game 2: 8/3, 12:30 PM MT

Game 3: 8/4, 4:45 PM MT

Game 4: 8/6, 11:00 AM MT

Game 5: 8/8, 11:00 AM MT

2019-20 Record

Calgary Flames: 36-27-7, 3rd Pacific, 7th West

Winnipeg Jets: 37-28-6, 4th Central, 6th West

Team Leaders:

Flames- Goals: Lindholm (29) Points: Tkachuk (61) PIM: Tkachuk (74) Save%: Talbot (.919)

Jets- Goals: Connor (38) Points: Connor (73) PIM: Scheifele (45) Save%: Hellebuyck (.922)


Calgary Flames: 20th overall (204 GF) (average 2.91 GF)

Winnipeg Jets: 16th overall (213 GF) (average 3.00 GF)


Calgary Flames: 12th overall (21.2%), 41-193 (PPG/PPO)

Winnipeg Jets: 15th overall (20.5%), 42-205 (PPG/PPO)


Calgary Flames: 6

Winnipeg Jets: 6


Calgary Flames: 8th overall (82.1%), 35-196 (PPGA/TSH)

Winnipeg Jets: 22nd (77.6%), 39-174 (PPGA/TSH)


Calgary Flames: 11th overall (615)

Winnipeg Jets: 23rd overall (525)


Calgary Flames: 13th overall Team Save% (.906)

Winnipeg Jets: 6th overall Team Save% (9.16)

Goal Differential

Calgary Flames: -10

Winnipeg Jets: +12

Head To Head 2019-20


9/22: Calgary 1 @ Winnipeg 4

9/24: Calgary 2 vs Winnipeg 0

Regular Season

10/26: Calgary 1 @ Winnipeg 2 (OTL)

Overall Head To Head

All Time (includes games against the Thrashers): 17-14-1 (Calgary)

Calgary home: 12-3-0

Calgary away: 5-11-1

Playoffs: 0-0-0

Versus Winnipeg (No Atlanta)

11-8-1 (Calgary)

Playoff Records

Calgary Flames: 100-128

Winnipeg Jets: 11-20

Stanley Cups

Calgary Flames: 1 (1989)

Winnipeg Jets: 0

by Mark Parkinson