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Calgary Flames

Rogers Place In Edmonton Flooded Thursday Night

Severe weather caused a significant amount of water to enter the four year old arena.



With the NHL’s RTP rapidly approaching and Edmonton being selected as one of two host cities the last thing the league and city needed was any kind of hiccup. Tonight there was one. According to reports a massive hail and rainstorm came through Edmonton and the arena, still with that new arena smell (only 4 years old) suffered some flooding damage. See the video below:

As you can see from the video, water came gushing in through the front gates of the arena after severe weather impacted the area. Reports are saying that any damage will be assessed on Friday and the league will go from there.

The Flames and Oilers are still scheduled to play an exhibition game there on July 28th and the Western Conference Playoffs would begin in Edmonton on August 1. The Eastern Conference Playoffs will be played in Toronto.

by Mark Parkinson