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Three Reasons We Like The Vancouver Canucks

Micheal Ferland, Kevin Bieksa and a line brawl. What more do you need?



Rivalry Week

So, as Rivalry Week winds down we came to an agreement with Nucks Misconduct that we'd each say some nice things about each other's franchises. Much like we did with Copper & Blue, we kept it to three things because that was hard enough. So, below are three things we like about the Canucks because, well, we're nice people.

1. Micheal Ferland

It’s no secret that some of us here at M&G are rather large Ferland supporters and while he’s not with the Flames, it’s was a nice idea that Calgary would get to see and or play against him four times a season now that he’s in Vancouver. That didn’t happen this year. Ferland only suited up in 14 games due to a concussion he received, scoring one goal and collecting four assists. His only game against the Flames came WAY back in October where he was held pointless. So, we’re happy for Ferly and at least he didn’t end up with the Oilers.

2. Ferkland

Ferkland. And the legend was born. Back in the 2014-15 NHL Playoffs, Micheal Ferland was a hitting machine. Literally hitting anything and everything he came across, including Kevin Bieksa. Bieksa took exception and after Game 2 of the series called him “Ferkland, or whatever his name is” like he had no idea who was destroying people. Ferland had 40 hits in the six game series, which is bananas and helped mold him into the physical player he would become. This ended up being a fun and emotional series, with the Flames walking away from the series 4-2 winners. So thanks Mr. Bieksa. You left us with a fun quote and helped solidify the hitting machine Micheal Ferland would become. Well done. FERKLAND RULES!

3. The Brawl

Seems like a lot of this devolving into an anger on the ice piece, but this was AWESOME! Flash back to when Bob Hartley and John Tortorella were in charge of the Flames and Canucks. Hartley was fairly pedestrian, but could do a fantastic job getting under your skin. Tortorella was an absolute maniac who could lose it at the sight of a puppy. So what could possibly go wrong when on January 18, 2014 the Flames sent out a line of Brian McGrattan, Kevin Westgarth, Ladislav Smid (yeah, he actually played some game for the Flames), Chris Butler and Blair Jones to start against the Canucks? Unmitigated chaos. That’s what happened. The puck dropped, the gloves dropped and a good old fashioned line brawl broke out. Eight players were tossed, 188 penalty minutes were issued in the first period alone and that wasn’t even the entertaining part. John Tortorella was so incensed that in the tunnel between periods he tried to fight Bob Hartley outside of the Flames locker room. In what world do things like this happen in real life? All this game needed was the organ player getting hit in the head with a puck and Ned Braden skating around in only a jock strap. The Flames would even up losing 3-2 in a shoot out, but this game gave us some memorable moments like it was the 1970’s.

And I know we’re supposed to keep it to three, but I’m going to hand out an honorable mention to your colors and logos. Vancouver has done a fantastic job transitioning over the years, to what might be their best look (though the Skate look was very nice). The blue, white and green is fantastic and the Orca logo is beautiful. You’ve taken what was the Whalers look and done it up properly, without ripping it off. You are allowed this look, not those frauds in Carolina who wear the Whalers colors and uniforms like they are their own. Their not, you’re fake and good on Vancouver for doing it properly. Suck it Carolina.

by Mark Parkinson