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2019-20 Report Card: Brad Treliving

Across the board Brad Treliving has been fairly consistent.



Brad Treliving: General Manager

Individual Grades

Mark: (B) I think like most of the Flames exec’s, you have to applaud Brad Treliving for how he handled the 2019-20 season. When everything went down with Bill Peters the Flames GM handled things perfectly. He didn’t jump to conclusions, he didn’t panic, he let the league and team investigate and then forced Peters’ hand by making him walk away. Treliving said all the proper things and I think handled the situation with grace. He also ignored the panic button being repeatedly hit by the fan base when his star players were playing poorly for a good chuck of the beginning of the season. All in all, I think Tre did a good job in 2019-20, but this off-season will be big for him as the Flames need a coach and some new players.

Maddie: (B+) I feel pretty good about how Treliving’s handled everything with this season. Like Mark said, the Peters situation was a difficult one, and I think that was dealt with just about as well as possible. But as far as the actual hockey managing goes, there was a lot to like! I appreciate his dedication to more or less staying the course and avoiding making any big panic trades around the deadline. But the big thing for me is the Tkachuk contract—I’m glad he got it done before the start of the season and the value seems more than reasonable for what he brings to the team. He’s got a very good key player locked up for a few more years, and I’m happy with how that all panned out.

Michael: B

Gordie: B+

Renu: B

Shane: B

Dustin: B

Reader Grade: B

by Mark Parkinson