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2019-20 Player Report Card: Noah Hanifin

Potential is the name of the game when it comes to Hanifin.



Noah Hanifin: Defenceman

Regular Season Stats:

70 GP, 5 G, 17 A, 22 Pts, 12 PIM, -12

Individual Grades

Mark: (B) Noah Hanifin is one of those players that appears to have a ton of potential, yet seems to coast through seasons. The 23 year old and former 5th overall pick had a solid season with the Flames, but I think I expect more out of him than the Flames are getting. If the NHL played a full 82 games he most likely would have come up short of his 33 points from last season (a career high), but there is much to like about the young Flames defenceman. He’s under contract for the next 4 seasons and with his partner (Travis Hamonic) most likely on the move, we might see just how good Hanifin can be in a leading role.

Maddie: (B) I think Mark hit the nail on the head in saying that Hanifin seems to have a lot of potential, but still hasn’t quite hit it yet. He’s given us some flashes, and that’s what has me really excited, but I do think it’s fair to have wanted a little bit more from him. That said, I liked what we saw from him when he was paired with Rasmus Andersson, and if we’re to give the pairs from the first day of camp much weight, this may well be a pairing that we see get a look in the playoffs, and that’s definitely exciting. I just think that’s a better fit, stylistically, and I think it’s a situation that would give Hanifin a better chance to succeed. All in all, I feel pretty good about Hanifin’s season, but I also think we’re still seeing a young player working on finding his role. There’s progress being made, but I still get the feeling that there’s more untapped potential, yet.

Michael: C+

Gordie: B

Shane: B

Renu: B

Dustin: B

Reader Grade: C+

by Mark Parkinson