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Calgary Flames

2019-20 Player Report Card: Michael Stone

We agree: Michael Stone wasn't good.



Michael Stone: Defence

Regular Season Stats:

33 GP, 2 G, 5 A, 7 Pts, 16 PIM, -5

Individual Grades

Mark: (D) What to say about Michael Stone? I’m happy he overcame his scary blood clot issue because life is more important than hockey. With that out of the way, Michael Stone doesn’t do much for me as a defenceman with the Calgary Flames. He was a healthy scratch more often than not and personally, I’d rather see a young Flames prospect get the chance to make mistakes and cut their teeth in the NHL as opposed to Stone taking up a roster spot.

Flash: (F)…(F-): If there was a bigger liability on the back end of any teams blueline I’d like to see it. I wasn’t always sour on Stone, he did good work for the Coyotes, well kinda. Stone has zero idea how to defend against even fringe NHL players, he’s the biggest problem I’ve ever seen in a Flames uniform and I’m not exaggerating. I do feel bad ripping on him because he’s a human being, but if he plays any sort of time at all in the postseason we can kiss our cup aspirations completely goodbye. Please for the love of all things good never let him see the ice in a Flames jersey again, and I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

Michael: D

Maddie: D

Gordie: C

Renu: D-

Dustin: D

Reader Grade: D+

by Mark Parkinson