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2019-20 Player Report Card: Cam Talbot

Cam Talbot won the hearts and trust of Flames fans with his outstanding 2019-20 season.



Cam Talbot: Goalie

Regular Season Stats:

26 GP, 12-10-1, 2.63 GAA, .919 Save%

Individual Grades

Mark: (B) Who’d have thought that when the Flames added Cam Talbot to backup David Rittich that we’d be gushing over his play at the end of the season? On the surface, Talbot’s 12-10-1 record doesn’t look that impressive, but this one requires a look beneath the surface to really see how well he played. Five of Talbot’s 10 losses came in the first seven games he played. The Flames also weren’t exactly world beaters in front of him either. After that tough stretch he really settled in, including going 9-3-1 in his final 14 games, including a three game winning streak where he took over for the injured David Rittich. Talbot did more than enough to earn the team and fan’s respect, but unfortunately that play will earn him a nice fat contract somewhere else in 2020-21. This was the keeper’s first winning season since his monster 42-22-8 campaign in 2016-17 with Edmonton.

Maddie: (B) All in all, I feel pretty good about Talbot’s season. As Mark alluded to, he didn’t always have the most help in front of him from his defensemen, but he still performed pretty solidly despite this. He wasn’t perfect, and did have his share of shaky showings, but his play overall we solid, and that’s just what the Flames needed from him. He may have seen himself often treated as the backup, but he was solid in that role, and was able to come in well in support when Rittich was injured or going through his own shaky streak. He wasn’t always flashy, but there really isn’t too much more I could have asked of him.

Michael: B

Gordie: B+

Renu: B+

Shane: B-

Dustin: A+

Reader Grade: B

by Mark Parkinson