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2019-20 Player Report Card: Sean Monahan

Sean Monahan had an identity crisis this past season and it hurt his numbers.



Sean Monahan: Centre

Regular Season Stats:

70 GP, 22 G, 26 A, 48 Pts, 25 PIM, -16

Individual Grades

Mark: (B) Monahan finished 2019-20 with 32 less points than he did in his record setting campaign of 2018-19. His goals and assists were both the worst of his career since his rookie season of 2013-14 where he had 22 goals and 12 assists, along with his career worst -20, which he rivaled this season with a -16. Despite all that, the Flames centre was pretty much on par with the rest of the team. Bonus: he scored his ever NHL fight this season against Edmonton, so that has to count for something. My “B” grade is probably closer to a “C,” like 80.000000000000001, but he was also in flux as to what type of player the Flames needed him to be. Guaranteed he’s hear the cries that he’s “soft” or not physical and he showed a lot of that this season. But in the end it hurt his offensive numbers and to me that’s a trade off I’m not willing to make.

Maddie: (B) I’m feeling pretty solidly fine about Monahan’s season, not really great, but also not really terrible either. Like Mark said, it was a down season for him in the scoring department, but he did still finish the season fourth in scoring on the team, which is more or less in line with what I might have expected from him, even if the total wasn’t quite up to expectation. This season was definitely a weird one, and I think flux is a perfect word for it. At times it seemed like he was playing a quieter game and taking care of some of his smaller details, and that was nice, but then at other times it seemed like we were drifting into “too safe” or somewhat listless territory, and that we feel less good about. I’m optimistic that Monahan will be able to bounce back next season (and hey, maybe even in the playoffs), but it still feels fair to come away from his regular season feeling like, while he did still find ways to be effective, that there was more to give.

Gordie: B-

Michael: B-

Renu: B-

Shane: A-

Dustin: B

Reader Grade: B-

by Mark Parkinson