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Why We Hate The Flyers (A Recent Development)

You win Maddie, we'll respond.



Rivalry Week has started up here at SB Nation and we're kicking things off a little different here at M&G World Headquarters. See, when you think Flames rivals you think Edmonton, Vancouver, LA, but we're going in another direction.

We're starting with the Flyers. Philadelphia you ask? Why? Well, Maddie who writes for us also writes for Broad Street Hockey and they cover the Flyers. She wrote a piece today about how she hates the Flames (mainly tounge in cheek), so as juvenile as it sounds I'm responding with the we hate the Flyers mantra because, well, we don't need a reason.

So there. Tounge out. Thumb on the nose. We don't like the Flyers. Maybe you're just mad you've lost 9 of the last 13 against the Flames or are mad the Flyers are 1-5-0 against Calgary the last six time the Flames have come to visit. Or maybe you're just mad you got stuck with Brian Elliott and his one color pad system, which numbers prove, isn't good for him. How many goalies have you used in the last two years? Also, Pat's and Geno's are the most overrated sandwiches on the planet. Had 'em both. Garbage.

Now we hate the Flyers. And I hope (I don't) (if) the Flames ever trade Gaudreau…'s to the Devils.

by Mark Parkinson