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2019-20 Player Report Card: Zac Rinaldo

We are kind of all over the place with Zac Rinaldo’s 2019-20 season.



Zac Rinaldo: Centre

Regular Season Stats:

19 GP, 3 G, 2 A, 5 Pts, 34 PIM, -1

Individual Grades

Mark: (C) Another Flames player who is what he is. I didn’t expect much of anything from Rinaldo, so I think the “C” grade fits just fine. He only found the ice 19 times during the regular season, but he did what he was supposed to do by collecting 34 PIM. His three goals and two assists were a nice surprise considering I expected nothing more than a goose egg in those areas. The Flames current muscle is a free agent and made only $700,000 last season, so if they could bring him back around that figure I wouldn’t care, nor would I cry tears of sadness if he left for another team.

Michael: (C) I’m going to echo Mark and say that he is more or less what we expected him to be. I don’t really have any issues with him being the 14th forward that very occasionally gets into the lineup and stirs some s*** up. I also got to see his only home goal of the season which was fun. Of course it came right before he fought Kyle Clifford in a TV timeout and both got misconducts. Perhaps I’m crazy to think this, but it feels like every championship team has that one locker room guy who really isn’t that good and doesn’t play almost at all, but he’s beloved by the team and can help spur them to victory. Rinaldo gives me a lot of those vibes.

Renu: (B+) With the Flames riddled with injuries and sickness, they called up Zac Rinaldo, who brought with him a ‘real tough guy’ attitude and energy to the team. The camaraderie and cheerleading he displayed should count for something, and if the NHL goes forth with the playoffs, Rinaldo will continue to bring the good juju and work hard for his teammates.

Maddie: C-

Flash: D

Dustin: B+

Gordie: B

Reader Grade: C

by Mark Parkinson