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2019-20 Player Report Card: Matthew Tkachuk

We’re all in agreement: Matthew Tkachuk RULES!



Matthew Tkachuk: Left Wing

Regular Season Stats:

69 GP, 23 G, 38 A, 61 Pts, 74 PIM, -5

Individual Grade

Mark: (A) What doesn’t Matthew Tkachuk do at this point? He was clearly the Flames best overall player this season, leading the Flames in points with 61. He was the consummate pest, alienating fan base after fan base as the Flames left town. He’s doing everything he was drafted to do and then some and it’s only a matter of time until he gets the “C” and guides the Flames moving forward. He also made his first All Star Game appearance this season and the absolute s%&t show it started with certain Pacific Division teammates was a sight to behold. You need to wake up everyday and be thankfully that five other franchises passed on this NHL star.

Renu: (A) Matthew has been in training on how to stand his ground. A for agitator; then scoring goals right after. Tkachuk has stirred up his fair share of divisional rivalries. I gave Matthew flak during the Zack Kassian fight, but Kassian became nullified after he kicked another player in the chest with his ice skate. Matthew remains a saint. 

I agree with Mark; Tkachuk with a pass-back to Draisaitl that led to a goal during the All Star game was a sight to see, along with the comedic non-interaction after the goal between the two players from rival teams.

Flash: (A) there’s no give up in him. He consistently went out and put up great numbers, both in actual points and fancy analytical jargon. The only other player that makes this teams heart beat more would be Giordano. This kid is a stud, he knows it, and I hope he never loses the chip on his shoulder. Absolute BEAST.

Gordie (A): Tkachuk lead Calgary in scoring this season, and deservedly so. His flawless blend of grit and skill is reminiscent of the most iconic captain in Flames history, and he seems to be in line to take that role himself. He looked far superior to Johnny Gaudreau this season, and one has to wonder when Tkachuk will be given the ice time and linemates to perhaps be this team’s clear number one left-winger.

One caveat to all this praise: Gaudreau and the top line took the brunt of the critique for last year’s playoff failure, but Tkachuk was no playoff hero himself. He’s recorded just a single non-empty net goal and one assist in 9 career playoff games. For him to truly reach a higher tier, he needs to bring that agitation and scoring to the playoffs.

MGMacGillivray (A): Out of all the Flames, he’s one guy you can count on to bring it every night. He routinely antagonized opponents while putting up another solid offensive season, albeit not quite at the same level as last year. Matthew Tkachuk is the face of the Calgary Flames right now and will hopefully continue to be for a very long time. It’s so enjoyable to have that guy everyone hates to play against on our team for once. Who could also forget the Edmonton meltdown that led to him having a billboard there back in January? Absolutely fantastic.

Maddie: A

MilhouseFirehouse: A+

Fan Grade: A

by Mark Parkinson