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2019-20 Player Report Card: David Rittich

It was an uneven season for Calgary’s stick tossing goalie, but not all of the struggles were his fault.



David Rittich: Goaltender

Regular Season Stats:

48 GP, 24-17-6, 2.97 GAA, Save% .907

Individual Grades

Mark: (B) It was an interesting first season as the Flames #1 goalie for David Rittich. He started off hot, winning nine of his first 15 starts, but hit a bump in the road, was injured and then at times, was being outplayed by Cam Talbot. Rittich’s longest winning streak of the season was only five straight, but in his defence, the team in front of him at times was not very good. Rittich is apparently healthy and is good to go once the playoffs start, but you have to think the leash might be a little shorter with Talbot waiting in the wings. The Flames made the investment in David Rittich (2 years, $2.75 million per), so no one in their right mind should be looking to move on from the Czech native. I settled on a “B” grade due to the fact that his season was so uneven and a lot of it wasn’t his fault. Plus, the stick toss against Edmonton was keeping him above the “C” line no matter what.

Flash: (B-) Lets take a look at Ritters advanced numbers at 5v5. He faced an expected goals against of 85.59 goals, and let in 97. His GSAA (Goals saved above average) is at -3.80. Positive notes could be at 5v5 his sv% was 0.916 in 2215:34 of even strength play. Personally I believe any goalie is gonna struggle with Michael Stone in front of them, and he didn’t do a bad of a job as some think. Talbot did out play him but also played in 12 the amount of games. This playoff series they’ll start with big save Dave, but you’ll be damned sure that Talbot will be there waiting if he falters.

MGMacGillivray: (B) Rittich is such a tough goalie to evaluate because he has started off the last couple of seasons well, but trailed off as the season has continued and picked up nagging injuries that affected his play. Rittich had a solid first half of the season which culminated in an appearance at All-Star Game in St. Louis but was on the verge of losing his net late in the season. With time to get fully healthy and rested, I think Rittich could have a hot postseason as he often comes out of the gates hot at the start of the year, which is basically what the playoffs will be, having been 4.5 months since the last game.

Gordie: C+

Maddie: B

Dustin: C

Renu: B+

Reader Grade: B

by Mark Parkinson