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Top 10 Marvel Canadian Superheroes

We spend so much time thinking of super heroes in New York that we tend to forget that Canada has a few of their own that are legendary.



Marvel Week

I grew up in the states, so the only Canadian Marvel hero I knew was Wolverine, which shows my lack of Canadian super hero knowledge. Now, in my defense there aren’t a whole lot of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk or Daredevil’s up in Canada. With that said, there are a few heavy hitters and not all are heroes. After some research I’ve narrowed it down to the 10 “best” known characters from Canada and we want you to rank them. We figured we write about a Canadian hockey team, more than 34 of the staff is from Canada so let’s give your comic legends some love. And honestly, there’s a hero named Puck. Come on, how can he NOT be part of this list.? So here are the 10 Canadian heroes we’d like you to vote on!

Wolverine – Deadpool – Captain Canuck – Sabretooth – Puck – Sasquatch – Northstar – The Guardian – Major Mapleleaf – Aurora

There’s the 10 you have to vote on. Go to the poll below and vote to see where they land in the Top 10 Marvel Canadian Comic Book Characters!

by Mark Parkinson