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NHL Logo Bracket Challenge: And Then There Were Two!

It's an all Flames final as we've gone from 64 to 2.



NHL Logo Bracket Challenge

And then there were two……..and both are the Calgary Flames. We’ve gone from 64, all the way to two, eliminating some pretty iconic logos and some pretty bad logos. What we are left with this the ‘89 Flames and Old Blasty battling it out for the right to be hailed as the best logo in NHL history, as decided by YOU, the readers!

The ‘89 Flames logo took down the current Flames logo, in a match-up that was closer than we thought it would be. The 1989 Flames logo secured 41 votes (33%) to the current logo’s 25 votes (20%) to earn the first spot in the Finals. They’ll be joined by the love it or hate it logo of Old Blasty. The Flames late 90’s alternate logo bested the Chicago Blackhawks by a score of 35-24 in the other semi-final match. This one kind of comes as a slight surprise (though this writer is very open of his fondness for OB), as the Flamming Horse Head took down an Original Six team by a hefty margin.

So this sets the stage for a Flames on Flames final between a nostalgic logo that reminds everyone of the good times and a logo that reminds everyone of some dark times in uniforms across the league. But let’s face it, of that time and those alternates…..Old Blasty is where it’s at!

Time to vote! Who will be the last logo standing in the Matchsticks and Gasoline NHL Logo Bracket Challenge? VOTE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Poll closes on 4/25)

by Mark Parkinson