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Statistical Summarization — CGY vs EDM

An unmitigated, unrelenting, horrendous, naturally occurring, disaster on ice.



Embarrassing. Getting absolutely blown out at home against our biggest rival. For you fancy stat deniers we can finally agree on something, this game was a Flames atrocity. I hate to give the Oilers recognition, but it is deserved here. The bottom 6 I consistently mock destroyed us. The Flames, as a team, posted a 41.11 CF%, 40% SCF (only 33.33% of high danger chances), and just 41.21%. In terms of “all that matters is goals” we got pumped, in terms of “the things needed to be done to prevent/create goals” we also got pumped.

Corsi King – Only one player finished with a corsi greater than 50% (3 had 50 exactly). Mark Giordano, congrats on being the only Flames player to have the puck more than the Oilers. You stand alone at 53.13%

Corsi Clown – Can I pick the whole friggin team? All of them were a bunch of clowns. Kylington had a very VERY bad game (22.73%), which means he’s probably going to get to sit in the press box in favour of Micheal Stone. Steinberg tweeted lines today, at least Hamonic and Hanifin is split up. Tkachuk had the worst corsi game i’ve tracked of him this year (25%). The Mange-Lindy-Chucky line has been a less than average line for the past 5 games(ish), so I don’t want to say it was all to do with the Kassian-Tkachuk narrative, because there’s been subpar games for awhile now.

Taken by Chance – 8 chances for, 6 against brings about a 57.14% for Buddy Robinson. A very strong call up for the good guy, including his first goal as a Flame. I’ve enjoyed watching him play, and was really rooting for an assist for him because, well, a Gordie Howe hatty is always celebratory, even in an 8-3 game. Dube was the worst forward tonight, 22.22%, and i think some time back in the minors would do him some good, re-find the game he had down there where he dominated. I mean, Austin Czarnik could take his place, what in the heck is that gonna hurt us?

xG% – Giordano led here too. Tobias Reider actually did okay with his minimal ice time, getting 50% corsi and 54.43 xG%. Remember i do these reviews looking strictly at 5v5 data. So Toby may not have had the same quality of competition, but hey he was okay.

Game Flow – 

Oilers dominated. You don’t need this chart to tell you that but it helps. Flames have both won and lost games where they’ve played like this, but 4/5 times they lose. It needs fixed if the want to have any shot of making this year worth something.

Game Score – Again, thank you to Mark Giordano (1.92) for showing up to this massacre with the entirety of his game in-tact. I just keep thinking about how Gio-Brodie were good, yet the Oilers scored 8 goals, 5 at 5v5. Man the other 4 D were terrible. That includes my boy Rasmus, just a less than stellar night in so many facets of the game. Right off the drop of the puck as well, OKAY I’m almost done and i can move on.

Shot Heatmap – 

Oilers used the fact that they actually have two capable lines now to match up against a very weak bottom 4 for the Flames. Now Rasmus Andersson normally isn’t this bad, but Kylington drug him down instead of Razz propping Kyl up. It looks like the D was shuffled at practice so here’s hoping we can get some positive number games.

Player Spotlight – Cam Talbot – Both Flames tendy’s were terrible last night (i still wouldn’t take the stick flip back) but the spotlight for the game goes to Talbot because GOALIE FIGHT. I haven’t been so excited to watch a game the Flames were losing that bad since a game against the Avs right after the lockout when ol Brian Boucher tossed the gloves off and went for a dance. The Battle of Alberta is back in a big way this year, and I want a playoff series. I want it bad.

Flashalytical 3 Stars – 

(All stats compiled from except Game Score from )

by Shane Stevenson