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Statistical Summarization — CGY @ EDM

Oilers fans: “We have an army of replacement level players” // Flames fans: “We have a Rittich”



A real hot start out of the gate caught the flat-footed Oilers off their break, but after the second period started they really took the game to the Flames. Calgary finished with a 45.45% CF%, 37.94% of the Scoring Chances for, and a very low xG% of just 36.64%. Oilers fans have a right to be upset they lost their second point because they played a “dominant” home game vs the sloppy road effort from the Flames. All the Penalty Kills don’t help momentum, but at 5v5 they could’ve easily been better. 

Corsi King – My boy Rasmus Andersson is back on top. He popped off a 62.96% CF in what was a strong showing from the Swede. The F with the best numbers here was resident tough guy Sean Monahan (Sorry Mony, Nuge won that fight) at 61.90%. 7/18 Flames players had 50% corsi score or higher, which didn’t bode well for a few of the Flames lines.

Corsi Clown – Travis Hamonic, who i’m not surprised is here. He’s having an absolutely awful year. 31.71% on the night, which is becoming more like the normality for him. If CGY isn’t in a playoff race come the deadline (but let’s not kid ourselves, look at the Pacific standings) he should be shopped on the market for a rental return. Elias Lindholm put up a rare egg last night, just 31.82 CF% from him. Let’s hope he gets motivated for Saturday’s game.

Taken by Chance – The best scoring chance ratio of any player was Rasmus Andersson going 6 for vs 3 against (66.67%). A bit depressing to look and see no individual player got more than 6 chances for, and 3 of them were D-men. TJ Brodie had 4 High Danger chances last night and Johnny Gaudreau led the forwards with a SCF% of 54.55%

xG% – Just shy of 70 at 69.96%, el capitano, Mark Giordano. Only 6 Flames had above a 50% xG share from last night, 3 d-men and the forward line of Johnny-Mony-Buddy. (Good for you Buddy Robinson, second solid game in a row) What concerns me here is that Andrew Mangiapane scored his first two goal game of his career and he still had under 50% xG. The game within the game really seemed to throw the Flames off last night, which sucks because the entertainment value of these BOA games is through the roof this season.

Game Flow – 

Like I said earlier, hot right out of the gate, but the Oilers game back strong. Edmonton should be upset they lost this one, but screw it, I’d rather wave this one in their face.

Game Score – 2 goals usually puts you on top, welcome Andrew Mangiapane (3.14). As much as I love my fancy stats to see who gets proper chances, and who gets buried in their zone, hard facts like goals always stand above it. Mange has shown he’s no slouch most games when it comes to possession and scoring chances, and he didn’t have a terrible game in those facets, so good on him.

Now lets scroll to the bottom and see who’s there? OH LOOK. It’s Hamonic (-1.61) and Noah Hanifin (-1.64). The D pair that absolutely needs dissolved to try something new, immediately. Hanifin got walked, WALKED, by Matt Benning last night. Matt freaking Benning. BIG OOF.

Shot Heatmap – 

Apparently shooting from the right point for both teams is a big thing? I don’t get it tbh, but okay. David Rittich, bar flip expert, had himself a very strong game as the Oilers got a lot of chances in tight. Edmonton limited CGY’s in close chances pretty well, till Mangiapane embarrassed Mike Smith.

Player Spotlight – Mark Giordano – Our Norris winning captain and All-Star deserves a little love. First thing I want to talk about is the trip, yes TRIP not a damn knee. Yes it was dangerous folks, but McDavid moves at such a speed sometimes the only defensive you have is a pure reactionary one. Did he stick his foot out and hit McDavid? Yes. Was it with intent to hurt him? No, shush up Nancy. Mark Giordano is all class, all world, and anyone telling themselves otherwise is a joke.

Second thing I would like to talk about is just recognition that Mark Giordano is amazing, and still one of the best defencemen at playing the defensive aspects of the game in the league. I’m glad he got the points to get his Norris, but he’ll stay very effective for a long time just due to his knowledge. I appreciate having him.

Flashylitcal 3 Stars – 

Note* Travis Hamonic had an assist and STILL almost got the worst Game Score. He needs to get it sorted out.

I’m not the best tech savvy person, but check out @mikeFAIL ‘s awesome tweet here, with the Rittich Bat Flip. GOODNIGHT EDMONTON.

(All stats compiled from, Game Score from HockeyStat

by Shane Stevenson