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Calgary Flames

The Beauty of Jarome Iginla and 1000 Points



Somethings happen not with a bang, but with a whisper. This wasn't one of them.

In what has largely become a lost year for the Flames and the fans, something special happened a few nights ago in St. Louis, Missouri. Jarome Iginla, the captain of the Flames, hero of Calgary, a beloved and iconic hockey figure throughout Canada, skated across the neutral zone on a breakaway.

Roman Polak chased him, but couldn’t close across the ice quickly enough. Blues goaltender Jaroslav Halak came out of the crease a little bit to take away an angle.

Jarome Iginla was having none of that. In what seemed like a moment from the spring of 2004, the Captain took a snapshot, one legged, and put it in the top left corner of the net. It was priceless. 


This is truly something special. It is not simply a nice number to have reached. The breakaway, the shot, the goal: they were all a celebration of the career of one the greatest Calgary Flames.

Jarome Iginla can be credited with so many great things in the recent history of the team. In a way, he saved the franchise from relocating by giving the fans a reason to go to games. He and Miikka Kiprusoff dragged a not very good Calgary team to the Stanley Cup Finals. He holds franchise records for career goals, points, and games played. He’s second in assists behind the great Al MacInnis.

Jarome Iginla has not had the best of seasons. There's moments where he's simply out played in scoring chances. There's moments where he's not as willing to engage along the boards. He's no longer the player he once was.

But for one gorgeous moment in St. Louis, he was again everything he once was for the Calgary Flames. And that's worth celebrating.

by Arik Knapp