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Calgary Flames

Enjoy it while it lasts



With the prospect of another one-and-done looming ever larger, a pall hangs over Flamesland. It's a depressingly familiar script for the club and city: only once in the last 20 years have the Flames advanced beyond the first round. "The C stands for CHOKE" has been the common refrain 'round these parts ever since the organizations lone Championship in '89.

Watching the St. Louis Blues fans last night stirred me from my melancholy, however. Their cheers swelled and rolled through the building, despite the fact their team is an underdog and a good bet to get swept. They exploded for every hit, every pass, every power play opportunity. They nearly tore the roof off when Backes opened the scoring. It was inspiring in a way.

It reminded me that nearly every moment in the post-season is precious and that in each of those moments lies the potential for a new chapter in the club's history to be written. I know Calgary is a long-shot to make it past round one now. But I'm going to try to enjoy the hell out of these last few home games and the 'C of Red' anyways…

Who's with me?

by Kent Wilson