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Inferno Spotlight: Brittany Esposito

A Closer Look At Calgary’s Leading Scorer



Heading into the weekend contests against the visiting Shenzen China-based Vanke Rays, the Inferno’s Brittany Esposito was tied for the team lead in goals and points, and was certainly looking to continue putting up numbers on the year. And she absolutely did just that!

Saturday’s game against Vanke saw Brittany explode for 4 goals and an assist, and a plus 5 in Calgary’s 10-3 drubbing of the Vanke Rays, and adding another assist in the Sunday contest for a massive six point weekend. Esposito now sits 9th in CWHL scoring, with ten goals and seven assists. Three of her tallies have come on the powerplay, and she also has a pair of game winners. At a 1.31 points-per-game average, she not surprisingly sits in first place in team scoring for the Inferno, two points up on Louise Warren’s 15 overall. Matchsticks & Gasoline’s @raminashlah caught up with Esposito post-game on Saturday to a few thoughts from Calgary’s offensive powerhouse!

M&G: Now in your fourth year with the Inferno, with all the places you played, do you feel you’ve now found a home in Calgary, even if you’re from Edmonton?

Esposito: I didn’t ever expect to be wearing Flames colours, but I love playing for the Inferno. Especially this year, it’s been one of the most fun hockey years of my life. So, hopefully we can finish it off well and bring a championship to Calgary.

M&G: Going into the weekend, you were tied for the team lead in goals and the team lead in points. You have surpassed that now, but how high are your expectations for the rest of the season with your points production at this pace right now?

Esposito: I think obviously the main thing is just winning. You just want to get the two points after every game and play well. I just want to do whatever I can to help with that. Up until today, it’s putting up points, and if that’s going to be my role, then I just want to keep doing that and playing the right way but also contributing. If it has to be on the scoreboard, I’m okay with that.

M&G: You guys are one of the top teams this year, what are your expectations for the squad as a whole for the rest of the season?

Esposito: Oh, we want to win it all! We, I think, surprised a lot of people the first half of the season already. And we just want to keep building from that. We believe that we can win it, and that’s what we want to do.

There’s no question that Brittany Esposito is motivated to succeed, and so far, she absolutely has. Her goals are lofty, but it’s safe to say she’s been able to back things up on the ice this year, and we have no reason to doubt that will continue. Hopefully, it’ll roll on all the way to a Clarkson Cup final!

by MilhouseFirehouse