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Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames Have Signed Jaromir Jagr

It’s actually happening



Signing Jaromir Jagr was always a fun dream for many Calgary Flames fans. He looked to fit so well into this lineup but come on, what are the chances he would come up to Calgary after spending his last few years in sunny Florida.

Well it’s really happening!

Jagr’s new contract is expected to be somewhere in the base of $1 million dollars with another $1 million dollars in bonuses that he could earn this season. After hearing for a while that he wanted another similar sized contract to last year, this seems like a great deal. It’s also hard to believe that no other franchise was willing to take a shot at that price.

It’s expected that Jagr will fill in that RW spot on the Flames third line alongside Sam Bennett and Kris Versteeg which ultimately means they heard all us fans yelling about Brouwer and/or themselves realized something had to be done.

Jagr is on his way to Calgary now and it’s likely we won’t hear an official press conference until he arrives but this is so awesome!

Anyways, I’m very excited and here’s a look at how things transpired over the last little while.

Jagr Timeline

Pierre LeBrun dropped the first real big piece of news late last night and from there, our #Jagr Watch commenced.

And here’s another consideration that obviously played into his signing haha

Then this morning the talk continued with LeBrun and Bob McKenzie getting their thoughts in.

Then the wait began for it to become official and other fun things began happening.


Wow, it was a fun stroyline that bounced around all summer, but JAROMIR JAGR IS A CALGARY FLAME!

by Michael MacGillivray